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The time has come yet again! The 2017 SKL League of Legends Fall Season is upon us, and registration is now OPEN!

For those who don’t know, SKL-LoL is a seven week League of Legends league that pits amateur teams against each-other in a highly competitive atmosphere. Every game of the regular season is streamed and cast live on Twitch.tv with the top four teams invited to a live finals event in Saskatchewan! The winners take home a cash prize and the title of Champions.


Qualifiers – August 28

EVERY team that registers will be placed into the qualifiers. Depending on the number of teams who register, qualifiers start with a swiss point tournament, with the top sixteen teams advancing to a group stage. The top eight teams from the group stage will form the teams for the Regular Season


Regular Season – Sept 18 – Nov 3

Each team will play one best of two game each week for seven weeks. Every win, loss and tie will result in points that determine that teams place in the standings. At the end of the seven weeks, the top four teams in the standings advance to the playoffs and finals.


Finals – Nov 18-19

The final four teams will travel to the SKL Finals playoff tournament and take place in a classic best of three bracket tournament. The final two teams will then play in the best of five Grand Finals at the same tournament for the prize!

Register Now!

Do you think you have what it takes? SKL sees all sorts, from silver up to diamond. Show us what you got! Apply below, or check out the more detailed rules at here.

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