SKL eSports is looking for volunteers and contractors just like you! As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we need more people to help with that. Below is a list of our needs, but if you think we missed something that you are awesome at, let us know! Once you’ve picked a role, hit that apply button and you will be taken to a form for you to fill out. Depending on the role, we may ask for an example of your past work, or a demo reel. Though this is mostly volunteer, we take our volunteer’s very seriously, most of our Admins are volunteer’s as well. If at any point these roles are converted to paid positions, our volunteers have first right of refusal for those positions. We are a community, who love games, eSports, and events. We want to foster the industry in Canada, and as such need as much help as we can get. So hit that apply now button at the bottom of the page!

League of Legends Referees

Do you love LoL but don’t have a team? We need refs! Refereeing eSports is surprisingly easy, just learn the rule book, and be passionate about the game! It would require logging in and facilitating the games, as well as handling any disputes and penalties. And our Board of Referees will always be available to help you make questionable calls.

Web Developer & RIOT API Expert

We are currently seeking someone with extensive Web Development and RIOT API knowledge in order to help us bridge our website together with RIOT's API in order to bring more in depth stats, game tracking, and help automate our stat entering process.

Content Creators

Do you have a passion for content creation? We are currently seeking content creators to assist with the following: Website Articles about League of Legends and the Ongoing State of SKL, Video Recaps and highlight videos, and more.


SKL prides itself on its casters, and we think we have some of the best. Do you think you have what it takes, or have experience doing play by play or colour commentary? We are currently looking for League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and CS:GO casters.

Sales Representative

Do you excel at selling products or ideas? How about conveying your passion for an idea? We are in need of more sales rep’s to help get additional sponsor’s for the league. This would be a paid by commission role, where for each sponsorship you land, you get a percentage of the sale. Not only are you helping to move eSports forward in Canada, you are making some additional cash as well.

Hearthstone or Overwatch

Interested in Hearthstone or Overwatch? We're getting close to getting these going, we just need more people to help out behind the scenes. Everyone, get in here!


Think you can help us in other ways that we didn't touch on here? Tell us how you think you can help us out and we'll see if it fits for us. We're open to ideas.
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