Month: October 2016

Changes to 2016 Split 2 Competing Teams

This week, we had a cancelled game between Fellowship of the Nerds and Lunatic Peace. This ultimately resulted in Lunatic Peace no longer being apart of the league. While we are saddened by the news that Lunatic Peace have decided no longer to compete with SKL, we are ecstatic to welcome White or Wong into split 2 who will be taking their place.

What does this mean for games already played against Lunatic Peace?

Watch your emails. We will be making arrangements for teams to play new games against White or Wong. Because Lunatic Peace only played 2 games, there will only be 2 games that need to be replayed. However, because we are entering Week 5, there will be 4 games to make up before the end of the split.

What about future games scheduled for Lunatic Peace?

All future games will be replaced with White or Wong, so scheduled games will proceed as planned. You can check the schedule to confirm when you are playing.

Will the makeup games be casted?

We will make our best effort to have the games casted, however we can not guarantee due to the conflict of schedule between all parties involved.

What happened to Lunatic Peace?

Lunatic Peace decided no longer to compete in SKL. No further comments will be made on the subject.

Why White or Wong?

In the event a team drops out of the League, or is kicked out, we select the next highest ranked team from Qualifiers. This team ended up being Boosted Animals, however Boosted Animals declined the invitation. White or Wong was next in line.

New Website Update

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the brand new SKL Website!

After a few days of downtime, and a little longer of a broken website, we are back up and running. I wanted to address a couple reasons why the website was offline and the steps that we took to address the issues that we were facing.

First off, we were having some issues with auto updates being processed, and then older things that hadn’t been updated needing to be updated right away. This caused a lot of things on the backend to break, and you probably noticed that things weren’t working, or appearing as they should have. This was the major reason to bring the website offline. I basically ended up rebuilding the website from the ground up to ensure that we had up to date systems, and a fully functioning website. I think we succeeded here and everything so far seems to be working pretty fantastic.

This comes on the heels of a recent server migration done a month ago. Combined, these updates should make for a pleasant website viewing experience.

Since I was rebuilding the website from the ground up, I took this as an opportunity to push ahead with a website redesign I had been working on. The website should look and feel cleaner, be easier to navigate and find information you are looking for.

There are a few things that will be updated in the coming week here, including old news posts, remaining pages, archived season stats, and more. So if you don’t see something, wait a few days, and check back with us again. You can always get in touch with us on Social Media to ask more questions as well.

Thanks for bearing with us this week while we took the time to address some issues with the site, and I hope the downtime was worth it.


See you on the rift!

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