Month: November 2020

To Our Community

To our community,

It is with heavy hearts that we here at SKL Esports are announcing that we will be taking an indefinite hiatus from hosting our own events, until the world is back to a state where it can sustain live esports events. Like many small businesses, the pandemic has hit us hard, and after much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that a hiatus is our current best option. Dynamic live events have always been at the core of our identity and business model, and not being able to do these events has been disheartening for us both as a business, and as people. We miss engaging with our community, we miss the spirit of friendly competition, and most of all, we miss gathering together to celebrate our shared joy of gaming. It is because we miss it so much that we know we will be back, just as soon as the world allows us to be.


The SKL Admin Team – DaZaninator, BigBootyBode, Edge, Kadins, Ponnox, SilkyMittens, and Skilloz.

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