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Overwatch is Coming!

We’re gearing up to bring Overwatch to SKL! But we need your help! We want to make sure that what SKL brings to the table for Overwatch, is what the community wants.

We’ve set up a Google Form, if you have a couple minutes, please take the time to fill it out. This form will give us an idea of what you guys want from us in regards to Overwatch, and when you want it. Depending on interest, we could be starting up Overwatch very soon!

If you have a team ready to compete, you will be given the option to “pre sign up” your team for SKL events. When we do start running events we’ll contact you first so that you are ready to go, it also helps us to know that we have teams ready to play.

If you have any questions, please ask them down below or send your questions through the Google Form.

Fill out the form at the link below.

Registration for Season 4 is Open!

Season 4 is upon us Summoners!  And this season boasts to be our biggest season yet! Registration is now open, and closes January 28th at 11:59pm. Things kick off with the Qualifying tournament in February, and then the top 8 teams will advance to the Regular Season where they will battle it out on the Rift for 7 weeks, before the top 4 teams come together in Saskatoon for our live finals. Yup, thats right. The finals will be held live on location in Saskatoon, and we have some exciting things to share with you regarding the finals in the coming weeks and months regarding that. For now, here’s some FAQ about Season 4. If you’re ready to register, head on over to

When does Registration open for Season 4?

Registration is open right now! You can register HERE

When does Registration Close for Season 4?


Registration will close on January 28th, 2017 @ 11:59pm. Make sure to get your registration in as soon as possible so that we can begin preparations and scheduling.

When does Season 4 Take place?


Qualifiers start February 6th and run until March 2nd (depending on how many teams register, this time could be reduced).

Regular Season starts March 13th, and runs until May 1st. All games take place at 7pm (SKT) Monday to Thursday. The full schedule is posted prior the start of the season.

Finals will be held live in Saskatoon on May 12-13 (Subject to change, we hope to have this finalized within the next couple of weeks).

How many team members do I need to register?


Every team must register with 7 players: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support, and 2 Substitutes.
Keep in mind that positions can be changed throughout the season by submitting a request to our email. Also, players can change positions at any point during a game without notice (ex. Top and Mid can switch roles during pick ban).

How much does it cost to register?


Registration is $70 per team.
The top 8 teams that qualify for the Regular Season will be required to make an additional deposit of $70 and sign an agreement before they can participate in the Regular Season. This deposit will be refunded at the end of the season, provided they adhere to the deposit agreement.

When is my Regular Season Deposit due?


Teams that qualify for the Regular Season will be required to pay the deposit fees and have signed and returned the deposit agreement to us before 11:59pm on March 5th.
Failure to do so may forfeit your spot in the Regular Season to the next runner up team.

Where does the Season take place?


Qualifiers & Regular Season take place completely online, meaning you can compete from  your own home/gaming rig or wherever you normally play from.

Teams who qualify for finals are required to be present on location in Saskatoon for the finals event.

If you know that your team will not be able to be present for the live finals, we ask that you don’t register a team. Failure to attend the live event forfeits all of your eligible prizes and another team will be taken in your place.

Where do the finals take place?


The finals will be held live on location in Saskatoon. A venue has not yet been announced, but you can expect an announcement from us regarding the venue in the coming weeks.

What is the prize pool for Season 4?


The prize pool will be announced towards the end of the season as we are still securing sponsors for this event.

Can I volunteer to help out with SKL if I am a competing player in the league?


If you are currently competing in SKL, you are still able to volunteer, however you will be restricted from performing certain positions and attending some meetings that may cause a conflict of interest.

There are lots of things you could do outside of those things though, such as: writing articles, assisting with setup/teardown at events, editing videos, and more.

Fill out our Volunteer Application Form 2.0 and tell us how you want to help out!

Overwatch! When is it coming? How can I sign up?


We are still actively pursuing details regarding adding Overwatch to SKL. If you are interested in competing in an Overwatch setting, let us know via social media! We’ll update you guys when we have more information regarding Overwatch & SKL.

If you want to help us get the ball rolling, consider signing up as a volunteer.

Still not satisfied?


If you still have questions feel free to message us on our Facebook Page, or email us anytime Info [at]

Beer Night!

Yes that’s right! SKL is having another Beer Night! We will be holding this year’s beer night on Friday November 25th, at the Manabar in Saskatoon! This will be a great chance for you guys to get a sneak peek at all that manager has to offer and hangout with the SKL gang! You can purchase tickets in the online store. There is a limited quantity so make sure you grab yours quick if you wanna come!

Time: November 25, 8pm to 10pm

Who will be there? We don’t have an official list of the SKL staff that will be there but we will let you know once we do confirm this! You can expect to see most of us there as finals start the following day!

Will there be more beer nights? Always

We will update this post with more FAQ as they come up! See you then!

Changes to 2016 Split 2 Competing Teams

This week, we had a cancelled game between Fellowship of the Nerds and Lunatic Peace. This ultimately resulted in Lunatic Peace no longer being apart of the league. While we are saddened by the news that Lunatic Peace have decided no longer to compete with SKL, we are ecstatic to welcome White or Wong into split 2 who will be taking their place.

What does this mean for games already played against Lunatic Peace?

Watch your emails. We will be making arrangements for teams to play new games against White or Wong. Because Lunatic Peace only played 2 games, there will only be 2 games that need to be replayed. However, because we are entering Week 5, there will be 4 games to make up before the end of the split.

What about future games scheduled for Lunatic Peace?

All future games will be replaced with White or Wong, so scheduled games will proceed as planned. You can check the schedule to confirm when you are playing.

Will the makeup games be casted?

We will make our best effort to have the games casted, however we can not guarantee due to the conflict of schedule between all parties involved.

What happened to Lunatic Peace?

Lunatic Peace decided no longer to compete in SKL. No further comments will be made on the subject.

Why White or Wong?

In the event a team drops out of the League, or is kicked out, we select the next highest ranked team from Qualifiers. This team ended up being Boosted Animals, however Boosted Animals declined the invitation. White or Wong was next in line.

New Website Update

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the brand new SKL Website!

After a few days of downtime, and a little longer of a broken website, we are back up and running. I wanted to address a couple reasons why the website was offline and the steps that we took to address the issues that we were facing.

First off, we were having some issues with auto updates being processed, and then older things that hadn’t been updated needing to be updated right away. This caused a lot of things on the backend to break, and you probably noticed that things weren’t working, or appearing as they should have. This was the major reason to bring the website offline. I basically ended up rebuilding the website from the ground up to ensure that we had up to date systems, and a fully functioning website. I think we succeeded here and everything so far seems to be working pretty fantastic.

This comes on the heels of a recent server migration done a month ago. Combined, these updates should make for a pleasant website viewing experience.

Since I was rebuilding the website from the ground up, I took this as an opportunity to push ahead with a website redesign I had been working on. The website should look and feel cleaner, be easier to navigate and find information you are looking for.

There are a few things that will be updated in the coming week here, including old news posts, remaining pages, archived season stats, and more. So if you don’t see something, wait a few days, and check back with us again. You can always get in touch with us on Social Media to ask more questions as well.

Thanks for bearing with us this week while we took the time to address some issues with the site, and I hope the downtime was worth it.


See you on the rift!

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