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Introducing: The Path

Hello everyone!

The Path is a series of affiliated tournaments in local regions across Canada. Each of these affiliated tournaments will receive an additional pot bonus from the Path to Glory tournament that will cover the airfare for the highest ranking player from that region to attend Path to Glory.

The Path series will bring together the very best from the respective regions to attend, compete and represent Canadian talent at the highest level. Dates for The Path series can be found below with more details for unannounced events to come in the future. Please come visit this post at a later time to see if things have been updated.

Location, Dates, and Info

Vancouver – July 16th, 2022
Montreal – July 30th, 2022
Winnipeg – July 30th, 2022
Regina – August 6th, 2022
Calgary – August 5th, 2022
Edmonton – August 5th, 2022
Hamilton – August 21st, 2022
Ottawa – August 27th, 2022
Toronto – TBA

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if an out of region player comes and wins the event? Do they get their flights covered?

No, only players from within the region will get the bonus airfare costs covered. The highest ranking player from that region at the affiliated tournament will collect the bonus airfare!

What happens if I live really close to Regina and don't want to fly?

Reach out to SKL ([email protected]) or a tournament organizer and we will find an alternative that will still get you to the tournament, but not on your own cost.

Does this include hotels?

No, this does not currently cover the costs of hotels.

What if I miss the Path event in my city? Can I go to another region and get the bonus?

No, unfortunately the airfare bonus prizing is locked to the region and will not be available to out of region players.

When will the details of the other events be announced?

We are working alongside TOs from those particular regions to find events and timelines that work for them. We do not want to announce details before the local TOs have had a chance to announce the event themselves. Keep an eye on our social media for details about these events in the future.

How did you choose which cities would be a part of The Path Series?

As this is a lead up to a event at the Grey Cup Festival, we chose cities that host CFL teams! As this is the largest annual sporting event in Canada, we wanted to choose some of the largest sporting centres as well.

SKL partners with the 2022 Grey Cup Festival!


Path to Glory, a $50,000 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.


November 18-19th, 2022


Brandt Center located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

SKL Esports has partnered with the 2022 Grey Cup Festival to bring you Path to Glory, the largest prize pool ever for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Canada!

Path to Glory will be held on November 18th and 19th at the Brandt Center, right in the middle of the action at the Grey Cup Festival. The event will feature a $50,000 prize pool, making this one of the largest Smash tournaments in Canadian history.

This tournament is available to all players who think they have what it takes to climb the Path to Glory!

In addition to this, we will be sponsoring several regional based events. Through these events, we will find a champion from each region to attend the main event and represent their region on the Path to Glory. The first place player from each regional event will have their airfare covered to be able to attend Path to Glory, in addition to the regular prizing they would receive for the event. More details regarding these regional based events will be coming soon.

As this event is happening on Grey Cup weekend, we highly recommend pre-registration and reserving hotel accommodations as soon as possible to ensure your spot at Path to Glory. With this in mind, we have also chosen to cap the event at 256 entrants, due to accommodation limitations in the city of Regina during this weekend.

We are beyond excited to be able to bring this event to SKL’s home province of Saskatchewan, with the help of the Grey Cup Festival! Stay tuned for more info as we approach the Grey Cup Festival and Path to Glory!

Herbaland Joins the Battle!

Introducing our latest sponsor for SKL’s upcoming VALORANT Tournament, Herbaland.

Herbaland’s healthy, nutritional gummies will make the perfect Halloween treat this season! Play some of the highest level VALORANT in Canada and still get all the treats you want!

Herbaland will be providing:

  • Gummy gift baskets to the winning team
  • Gummy giveaways in Twitch chat during the event
  • A special prize to the Most Valuable Player of the tournament!

Don’t miss out on this exciting and spooky event!

Learn more and register your team for Haunted Haven by clicking here!

Check out some of Herbalands awesome products by clicking here!

SKL Haunted Haven

Welcome to Haunted Haven!

Haunted Haven is our spookiest event yet! This 5v5 VALORANT Tournament starts up on October 31st @ 11AM MST, making it the best treat you’ve ever gotten!

Get your team of ghouls together for this event! This $1000 Prize Pool is no trick!

Join us for this Halloween themed VALORANT Tournament and celebrate the scariest holiday with games so good it will scare you!


LIVE now until October 30, 2020 @ 12PM MST

Fee: $25 per team


October 31st / November 1st @ 11AM MST


Saturday: Swiss

Sunday: Playoffs (best of 3) for top 8 teams from Saturday


$1,000 prize pool


Games will be streamed all weekend on SKL Esports on Twitch


If you have any questions, you can contact an SKL admin in our Discord under the #haunted-haven channel.

SKL September Showdown

Hello everyone!

SKL is back with another League of Legends tournament: September Showdown! Running on September 26 and 27, enter your team of 5 to compete against for a chance to win your portion of the $1000 prize pool, powered by SaskTel Infinet! The details are below:



Fee: $25 a team ($5 per person)


September 26-27th @ 11AM MST


Saturday: Swiss

Sunday: Playoffs (best of 3) for top 8 teams from Saturday


$1,000 prize pool

Top 4 teams receive prizing


Games will be streamed all weekend on SKL Esports on Twitch


If you have any questions, you can contact an SKL admin in our Discord under the #september-showdown channel.


Registration Closed

Summer Slippi Slide

Welcome to SKL Summer Slippi Slide!

Summer may be getting close to an end, but things are just about to get heated up here at SKL Esports! SKL Summer Slippi Slide is a free to enter Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament with a $1000 Prize Pool!

The tournament will be run exclusively on the new Slippi build so please ensure you have that set up prior to tournament start.


12:00 PM CST – Tournament starts



This slippi build does not have spectator mode yet. Because of this, we have to use discord screen share to stream the matches for everyone. We’re just gonna make it mandatory across the board so if we call a match on stream we can have it ready.



  • Battlefield
  • Pokemon Stadium (frozen)
  • Yoshis Story
  • Fountain of Dreams
  • Dreamland


  • Final Destination

Registration Requirements

Ping Spike Issues / Desync Issues:

  • If you are caught in a situation where you’re spiking or have a really high ping with your opponent, please notify a TO. From there we will have someone test both players pings to see who is spiking, if we still aren’t sure we can have a local person host and spectate to see who is lagging. From there we will have to DQ the person who is spiking more.
  • To avoid desyncs we highly recommend you go to the link here: to make sure your netplay specs are up to date. Please make sure to use vanilla melee, with no mods and no frozen stadium to avoid desyncs.


  • This tournament is Canada only. We ask that you please keep it that way and respect the region lock. Additionally if you are caught smurfing you will be DQ’d.

The SKL VALORANT Tournament

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce the first SKL Esports VALORANT Tournament! This tournament will be held online and will begin on July 4th, 2020 @ 11AM MST and will have a prize pool of $1,000.

Registration will cost $25 per team and will require at least five players on your team. Registration closes on July 3rd, 2020 @ 12:00PM MST. For more information and rules about this tournament, please check out our SKL VALORANT rulebook. Please note that rules are subject to change so please keep an eye out for any changes, should there be any.

Remember to join our community at where you can hang out, and play games with like-minded gamers.

– Registration Closed –

Cancellation of the 2020 League of Legends Canadian Nationals

It is with heavy hearts that, due to COVID-19, we are announcing the cancellation of the 2020 League of Legends Canadian Nationals.

We will be issuing a refund to all teams who signed up for the May qualifier. The Grey Cup Committee will be awarding an adjusted prize to the winning team of the March qualifier.

We at SKL Esports were very excited to show the regional strength of Canadian League of Legends players through this event and hope we will have the opportunity to do so again some day.

Thank you again to all teams who participated and to all members of the community for their support.

See you soon!

League of Legends Canadian Nationals

Hello everyone!

The 2020 Grey Cup Committee and SKL Esports are proud to announce the League of Legends Canadian Nationals. The event will have 2 main components: four online qualifiers held between now and the 2020 Grey Cup, as well as the live finals to be held during the Grey Cup Festival in Regina from November 19 to November 21, 2020. This tournament will be awarding a prize pool of $50,000, which will be the largest prize pool for a Canadian League of Legends tournament ever.

The format for the tournament is quite simple. The tournament is only open to Canadian citizens. There will be four online qualifiers (March 28/29, May 23/24, July 18/19 and September 19/20). The Saturday of the qualifiers will be a group stage, and Sunday will be the knockout stage. The winner of each qualifier will automatically qualify for the main event, while the rest of the Top 8 will receive circuit points. At the end of the 4 qualifiers, we will take the top 3 teams from the Leaderboard and give them invitations to the final tournament in November. The final slot will be the winner of a live Last Chance Qualifier happening in Regina on November 19.

The 8 qualified teams will be seeded into quarterfinal brackets, with all 4 quarterfinals happening November 20. Finally, on November 21 we will conduct both semifinals and the finals, with the winning team taking home $13,000. The full prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st Place: $13,000
  • 2nd Place: $7,000
  • 3rd/4th Place: $3,000
  • 5th-8th Place: $1,000
  • The remaining $20,000 will be dispersed equally to the eight teams who qualify, including the winner of the last chance qualifier, to help offset travel and accommodation expenses.

All the qualifiers and finals will be broadcasted on, and the live finals can also be viewed by anyone who attends the Grey Cup Festival.

Registration for the first qualifier is now live, and will close May 22 at noon. Entry is $25 per team per qualifier. For any and all information, including the official rulebook for the event, visit or click the More Information button below.

Introducing Prairie Pummel!

SKL Esports is proud to announce that we are returning to Alberta once more. Introducing SKL: Prairie Pummel! The event will be held on the NewCap Radio Stage at the West Edmonton Mall on February 8/9, 2020. Prairie Pummel will feature a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament with a special twist: the winner will be representing SKL at Get on my Level 2020 with entry fees, flights, and hotels paid by Red Bull!

Yes. That’s right. A free trip to GOML. Hotel, Flights, Entry Fee. All covered by winning Prairie Pummel.

SKL Esports has run numerous Smash tournaments across Western Canada, and this is the 2nd time we are coming to the west Edmonton Mall. Just like our previous events, there will be areas for friends/family/other players to watch the tournament as it happens. Our lovely casters will be on hand to broadcast and stream the event. Everyone is welcomed to come watch the event and there may be some areas for patrons of the mall to try their skills against their friends, our casters, or even Smashfest competitors to see how they match up to the competition!

We will be featuring early bird registration! Registration for the first 50 people will receive $5 off your venue fee!

The tournament will charge a $25 registration fee and the following entry/payout scenarios:

  • Smash Ultimate Singles: $15 entry fee (to pot)
  • Smash 4 Doubles: $10 per person / $20 per team (to pot)

Registration can only be done ONLINE and before the event. There will be no registrations taken at the venue. There will also be NO payments taken at the venue. If you are unable to pay online or register beforehand for any reason contact SKL at [email protected] and we will try to accommodate as best we can!

To register, click the register button below or visit

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