Chroma Packs: Are They Worth It?

Chroma packs were released back in April of 2015 with recolours of Lucian, Blitzcrank, and other champions and skins in League of Legends. They were offered as a way to “express your style and personality in League of Legends”. But is 590 RP really a good price to allow me to be myself? That’s more than $5.00 just for a few palette swaps that no one really notices in game. Why are we paying close to the price of a brand new skin for different colours of a skin we already previously purchased? Expressing yourself in League of Legends should mean more than having a bigger wallet. I don’t know about you, but I want to feel like my new blue cloaked Lucian actually means something. I bought the skins I think look cool, now let me unlock different colours for them through actually playing the champion. As someone who buys so many of the cool champion skins when they release: Please just let us unlock their Chroma Packs through other means.

Riot has stated: “All options are still open in the future, but we’re sticking with RP-only at launch, in line with our historical approach to cosmetic content.” After a year of waiting, I hope that Riot expands on this statement and announces a new manner of obtaining Chroma Packs. Making money on a free to play game through cosmetic content that has no effect on gameplay is understandable, but give us something to strive for; Give us a goal to reach with a reward for putting so much time into the characters we love.

One of the major problems with purchasing Chroma Skins at this price is that you are paying for all three colours, while you may only like the look of one of them. If the Chroma’s were sold individually, with the price split evenly into three, someone might feel inclined to buy that colour just because they have some extra RP. This would at least rival the new Hextech Chests now being sold for a much more reasonable price. You could even perhaps combine the two features and implement Chroma Skins to be unlocked with its corresponding champion shard.

Chroma 2

Additionally, Chroma Skins would of course fit right in as rewards in the Champion Mastery system. With the new level 6 and 7 masteries, hopefully this is something we see. My personal hope is to unlock each colour scattered throughout the seven levels of mastery, but I won’t complain if the whole pack is just unlocked through just one of the levels. Through this method, Chroma Skins would no longer just show your opponents how much money you have by buying both the skin and the Chroma for it, but instead shows them just how much you have played that champion. Isn’t that what Champion Masteries are all about after all?

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm implemented this method from the very beginning. Through leveling up, you unlock the different colours through playing the hero. It was however easier for Heroes of the Storm to add their Chroma’s for free since the system was in place since the very beginning. With over 120 champions in League of Legends, going through all those files is a much more daunting task, but why not start releasing them with every newly released champion? It would at least be a start.

A year after Chroma packs have been released, we have not seen much activity, but hopefully Riot is planning something. Whether they have some of the same ideas as me, I don’t know. But whatever they choose to do, I’m sure it will be better than the current system.


Thanks for the read! Have you bought any Chroma Skins? Do you agree with my thoughts? Do you have any other suggestions about how Chroma Packs should be distributed?


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