Finish the Skin Series: Dragon Trainer

Everyone knows and loves the Dragon Trainer skins. Lulu received her skin back in 2012, and now Tristana almost exactly three years later in 2015. Skins have come a long way between the two, thus they are quite different in quality. Will we have to wait another three years for the next Dragon Trainer skins? I hope not. In fact, I have put together suggestions for the occasion! Realizing that the Dragon Trainer series is probably intended to be a Yordle only skin line, I have compiled the best of our little heroes for the job in each of the roles that are still missing the skin:


Mid: Heimerdinger

Though difficult to imagine how Heimerdinger could possibly have a Dragon Trainer skin, the same is for the other two champions I have chosen. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger houses a great mother dragon in his big messy hair – don’t ask me how she fits in there – and Heimerdinger’s abilities all come from his dragon’s assistance.

Q – Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger receives an egg from the mother dragon and places it on the ground to hatch it. This baby dragon, with its head poking out from its shell, fires beaming projectiles from its mouth at any enemies nearby. Using your ultimate with your Q allows the mother dragon to hatch an even bigger and more powerful baby dragon from her egg.

W – The mother dragon from Heimerdinger’s hair pokes her head out of his messy hair and fires a stream of fire in a target direction. Empowering this ability with your ultimate sends a much more powerful blast of fire in that direction.

E – Once again, the mother dragon pops out of Heimerdinger’s hair; this time she hurls a ball of fire in a target location, stunning and slowing enemies. This fire ball bounces and covers a larger area with Heimerdinger’s ultimate enabled.


“Ahh, the sweet smell of motherhood!” – Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger


Jungle: Poppy

Dragon Trainer Poppy’s dragon is not one to mess with. Orphaned since he was a child, all Hammy has ever wanted to do is find his mother. Upon finding Hammy, Dragon Trainer Poppy has made it her life mission to take this young dragon back to his mother. The two have since become good friends, aiding each other in battle. With Hammy’s unbreakable body, Poppy relentlessly swings him at her enemies.

Passive: Periodically, Dragon Trainer Poppy throws a piece of Hammy’s unbreakable shell – which she normally uses as her shield — as her next basic attack.

Q – Dragon Trainer Poppy smashes Hammy on the ground, leaving a heated imprint where he lands. After 1 second, the ground in which Hammy imprinted erupts, damaging enemies within it.

W – While Dragon Trainer Poppy gains her movement speed Hammy takes a deep breath in. This stops any dashing nearby enemies to be knocked down.

R – While Dragon Trainer Poppy charges up Hammy, the dragon takes a deep breath in. Upon striking down his breath is let out, knocking all enemies hit a considerable distance towards their fountain.


“Me the mother? Don’t be ridiculous!” – Dragon Trainer Poppy




Top: Teemo (Ultimate)

“Stay here and be quiet!” Teemo whispers to his dragon scouts after blowing the whistle tied around his neck. The young dragons attempt to fly to their place, but bounce off of each other before plopping down in their place, restlessly waiting for the first Dragon Slayer Pantheon to cross their path. Once their enemy is close enough, they belch their poisonous breath on the ground beneath them, and in their adrenaline, fly upwards and disappear. Slowed from the sudden explosion of toxins, Teemo whistles for his dragon from above to gain a short burst of speed: Just enough to catch up to his foe. On arrival, Teemo blows his whistle once more. This time, a tiny dragon pops its snout from the cap of the Yordle dragon tamer and shoots a quick burst of blinding sludge. Teemo finishes off his enemy with a poisonous dart of his own.

While Dragon Tamer Teemo is in the game, all ally minions are turned into dragon scouts. Under Teemo’s leadership, the scouts are determined to break through all enemy defenses and push to their last breath towards the enemy Nexus. From the melee, razer toothed dragons up front to the winged, fire breathers in the back, Teemo has trained these scouts well. When an enemy inhibitor is destroyed Teemo lets out his signature giggle before blowing his whistle louder than ever before. With this, his advanced scouts are released. Displaying their badges with pride, these armored whelps won’t be showing any mercy today.

Each game played as Dragon Trainer Teemo earns your account “Teemo Badges”. Earning enough of these badges allows you to unlock a Dragon Trainer skin for Lulu, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and Poppy, depending on who is in your game. Additionally, if you are playing one of these other champions and have an ally Dragon Trainer Teemo, you may unlock yourself that champion’s Dragon Tamer skin for a single game with your Teemo points you have accumulated. Skins unlocked through Teemo points display a big, shiny Teemo Scout Badge on the loading screen for everyone to see.


These are my suggestions for future Dragon Trainer Skins. Would you buy them? Do you have any ideas of your own? What skin line would you like to see finished next?

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