Fall 2019 League Centre

Welcome to the Fall 2019 League Centre. In this page, you will find lots of information regarding the Fall 2019 League of Legends Recreation League.


Please see the above schedule to determine when you will be playing your matches for this season. In the spirit of keeping the league in the original 10 week window (including playoffs) you will be playing every other team except for two teams. This was completely randomized. We will be hosting, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals in November and will determine the exact times closer to November.


Match Reporting

Battlefy does not allow us to create a custom schedule therefore we have decided to ditch it completely. This means we will be posting the schedule, standings, and some basic stats (K/D/A) directly on our website above.

This also means that teams will have to create the lobbies themselves and report their own matches.

This will be done in the SKL Discord in “#match-reporting” under the LoL section. Winning teams are responsible for uploading the endgame lobby screenshots as well as the set score for the best of 2. Please indicate what two teams played in your match.


Lobby Creation

Above you can find a list of the team captains and their League of Legends summoner names as well as pinning the list to the #teams tab in SKL Discord, please add them to your friends list right now. Matches are to be created using Tournament Draft on Summoners Rift by a member of either team, who should then add the captain of the opposing team to the lobby so they may add their players. Spectating can be turned on, the match title should include both team names if possible, and a password is recommended so randoms do not join and slow things down.

Please remember to take screenshots of the endgame lobby for both Game 1 AND Game 2.


Rules and Disputes

Substitutes must be a registered free agent. Use of an unregistered player as a substitute will result in forfeiture of the games in which the unregistered player played. Free agents can sign up mid-split if they wish, however we will not be affording the opportunity for refunds to mid-split sign-ups if they do not end up playing the 4 game minimum.

All matches are a Best of 2 format. 2-0’s are worth 3 points in the standings, 1-1’s are worth 1 point each, and going 0-2 nets your team 0 points in the standings for that match.

The following rules shall be applied:

  • Players not in lobby at match start time – loss of first ban
  • Players not in lobby 5 minutes after match start time – loss of second ban
  • Players not in lobby 10 minutes after match start time – loss of third ban
  • Players not in lobby 15 minutes after match start time – Forfeit of Game 1
  • Players not in lobby 20 minutes after match start time – Forfeit of Game 2

If the opposing team is forfeiting a game, you MUST provide proof of the opposing teams tardiness that should include a screenshot of the game lobby as well as your system clock. This screenshot should be sent to SKL Dazzle or SKL SilkyMittens on the SKL Discord and NOT in the match reporting channel.  Loss of bans should be governed by the participating teams and does not require screenshots be sent to admins, however, if the opposing team is late and does not adhere to giving up any bans, and you have a screenshot of their team being late then we will be disciplining that team accordingly.


Registration Fees

Registration fees will be due before your first match in week 2 and will be processed via PayPal. You will receive an email in the next day or two that contains a PayPal invoice. Absence of payment before your match is played will result in a forfeit for your team. Free agents must have also paid their $5 fee before they can be used in week 2 matches. It is the captains responsibility to collect individual payment from their team members as we will only be accepting $25 payments from teams. If you absolutely cannot do PayPal please contact myself at SKL SilkyMittens on Discord.

Please feel free to reach out to SKL Dazzle or SKL SilkyMittens on Discord if you have any questions. Thanks and have a great rec season!

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