Hearthstone League

Welcome to the SKL Hearthstone Championship! Compete against other Saskatchewan players in a competitive atmosphere! Sign up and see if you have what it takes!

After three season’s we have decided to make some changes (read more about that here if you missed it). Starting with our tournament in September, we will be hosting tournaments held each month from now until January, with the winner of each of these being invited to the SKL Invitational held at the end of January or the beginning of February. The tournaments will be of the following format:

  • Swiss Bracket, cutting to either top 8 or top 4 (based on attendance)
  • Winners receive invites, anyone finishing in top 8 or top 4 will receive points
  • Bring 4 decks, ban 1
  • Conquest OR Last Hero Standing (At least 1 of each)
  • FULLY ONLINE, played in 1 day (or 2 if we have enough people, but likely 1)
  • FREE Entry

The tournaments will start in the morning, with last minute registrations due by a certain time designated on our website or on the Facebook page. There will be registration beforehand (which I strongly recommend) and the tournament/signup/match submissions will be held on Battlefy. We will be streaming the top matches on our twitch (twitch.tv/saskleague.)

Read more about the rules and format by clicking the link below!

Follow the action, check out the standings, and track the progress on Battlfy!

What the top matches on our Twitch at twitch.tv/saskleague.

Register Now!

September 24th

Register for the September 16th Qualifier tournament! Each month a new tournament, each with invitations to the the SKL Hearthstone Invitational on the line!

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