Hearthstone Rules



All games will be played on a single day for IQ’s

Each player must add as a friend and message the other with when they are available that week to complete matches.

Players must be online and ready to go 30 min before tournament start (11 AM)

Each player must play their own matches alone. If it is discovered that another another player is/has been playing for them or assisting them, they will be disqualified immediately. If the sub/assistant is also a participant both will be disqualified and all prior games forfeited.

If one player does not hear back/does not accept friend requests from their opponent, contact an admin. If the week has been passed and proof is provided, the match will be recorded as a forfeit win

The top 4/8 players will enter a single elimination playoffs at the end of the tournament and to be casted on the SKL eSports twitch page (twitch.tv/saskleague)

Standings will be determined by match wins. Any draws will be solved by HCT Tiebreakers on Battlefy Site


All games will be played in Standard Conquest mode

Each player will use the same 4 decks for the entirety of the tournament, and they MUST match the classes submitted on Battlefy

Players may only enter the challenge window with 1 usable deck of the selected heroes

(Ex player A selects hunter, Druid, paladin, rogue. Player A may enter the challenge screen with only one usable Druid deck, one paladin deck, one rogue deck or one hunter deck but they may enter with as many shaman decks as they wish)

Each player will message their opponent a screenshot of their deck selection screens with the date/time included in the screen. If the player has more than 9 decks created, they must send both deckselect screens to include all their decks

No decks can be altered until after the tournament is completed. Any player who is found entering the “Editing a Deck” on Battle.net will receive a game loss for their next match. Any player who leaves the match window for any reason will receive a loss for the whole match. (The opponent may screenshot the leaving message and send it to an admin)

Each player must win with all 3 of their unbanned decks in order to win the match

When a player wins with a class they may no longer use it

Between games a player may swap between any classes they have not won with

The first player to win 3 games wins the match

The winner reports the match results on the battlefy website

Players can report their own score.
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