Introducing Prairie Pummel!

SKL Esports is proud to announce that we are returning to Alberta once more. Introducing SKL: Prairie Pummel! The event will be held on the NewCap Radio Stage at the West Edmonton Mall on February 8/9, 2020. Prairie Pummel will feature a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament with a special twist: the winner will be representing SKL at Get on my Level 2020 with entry fees, flights, and hotels paid by Red Bull!

Yes. That’s right. A free trip to GOML. Hotel, Flights, Entry Fee. All covered by winning Prairie Pummel.

SKL Esports has run numerous Smash tournaments across Western Canada, and this is the 2nd time we are coming to the west Edmonton Mall. Just like our previous events, there will be areas for friends/family/other players to watch the tournament as it happens. Our lovely casters will be on hand to broadcast and stream the event. Everyone is welcomed to come watch the event and there may be some areas for patrons of the mall to try their skills against their friends, our casters, or even Smashfest competitors to see how they match up to the competition!

We will be featuring early bird registration! Registration for the first 50 people will receive $5 off your venue fee!

The tournament will charge a $25 registration fee and the following entry/payout scenarios:

  • Smash Ultimate Singles: $15 entry fee (to pot)
  • Smash 4 Doubles: $10 per person / $20 per team (to pot)

Registration can only be done ONLINE and before the event. There will be no registrations taken at the venue. There will also be NO payments taken at the venue. If you are unable to pay online or register beforehand for any reason contact SKL at [email protected] and we will try to accommodate as best we can!

To register, click the register button below or visit

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