League of Legends 2016 Fall Split Announcement

Hello, one and all! Now, I know you have all been patiently waiting for some news and details regarding this upcoming SKL Split, and we’ve been working on getting those to you. We’ve just had some very exciting things that we had to take care of first, in order to iron out the plans for the future of SKL.

Carrying forward, the SKL format will change slightly. This upcoming fall split will be very similar to the last one. However, SKL will be switching over to a circuit points system, very similar to that of the system the LCS uses for Worlds Qualifications. Where teams finish in the standings in the first split playoffs will grant them a certain amount of Circuit Points, which we will specify later in this article. First place getting the most, and decreasing from there. These circuit points will carry over to our second split, where you can again earn additional points from that split. We have a very special treat in store for our second split, but still wanted to give teams a good incentive to not take the first split too lightly. We’re also hoping that this system will see a greater instance of teams staying together for a longer period of time, as well as consistently returning to SKL.

As for the second split, the regular season will play out as normal, but who makes playoffs will be based off of three routes: regular season placement, circuit points, and last but not least, a gauntlet. The top two teams at the end of the regular season will auto qualify as the top two seeds going into the playoffs of the second split. The third seed will be determined by whomever has the highest amount of circuit points, excluding teams that have already qualified for playoffs. The fourth seed will qualify from winning a gauntlet style tournament.

If you’re not familiar with a gauntlet, here is how it will work. All the remaining teams with circuit points, who have not already qualified for playoffs, will be set up in a bracket. The team with the most points being the highest seed, and the team with the least points being the lowest seed. The two teams with the lowest amount of circuit points will play each other in a series. The winner of that will play the team with the next highest amount of circuit points. Then, the winner of that series will continue on to play the next highest team and so on, until there is only one team remaining.

Now that we’ve got that covered, we can get into some of the details that I’m sure will make this easier to understand. Here is how the points will be allotted for EACH split.

1st Place – 90 points
2nd place – 70 points
3rd place – 50 points
4th place – 30 points
5th place – 10 points
6th place – 10 points

And again, just to clarify, in the first split the points are awarded after playoffs. In the second split, they are awarded before playoffs, as they determine who will move on to the second split playoffs. These numbers are very similar to that of the LCS. In the second split, we are considering expanding the number of teams that can play in the regular season, but that will depend on number of teams registering, competitiveness, as well as just general interest in that idea. This will be decided by the SKL Admin team at a later date.

As far as the actual registration process goes, it will be the same as always, including the registration fee. It will still be $70 per team, since we seemed to receive a good response about that last split. We’re aiming for something that’s not too pricey, but not so insignificant that teams feel like they can just not show up. Payment details will be e-mailed to you after you register.

I hope this article clears up any mystery surrounding our future splits here at SKL. As for the “Special Treat”, news surrounding that will be announced a little later on. We just don’t want to jump the gun. Registration for our Fall 2016 Split opens up on August 1st and goes until August 14th. The Qualifying Tournament will begin on August 22nd and will go until September 15th, or potentially the 20th, depending on tiebreakers. The Regular Season will be starting on September 26th. If you have any questions concerning the new format, please don’t hesitate to ask. This is something new for us too, and we want to make it go as smooth as possible. Hold on to your butts folks, it’s about to get wild.

Stay Lit, Fam,
Ponnox and the SKL Admin Team

Artwork by: Maxyjo


  1. Co says:

    hi whats the subreddit im looking for a team thanks 🙂

  2. clarence says:

    hi i have a question, me and my friends are planning to join this skleague since we live in maple creek saskatchewan, my question is where is the venue for the skleague? and if we apply now when will we be able to play or join

    1. RedZephon says:

      Hey Clarence, not sure if this ever got answered during the Website Migration.

      The current split is all held online, not required to show up anywhere. The next split, the split is online, but the finals are live in Saskatoon. Teams are required to be at finals if they make it into top 4.

      You can definitely apply to join the next split. Stay tuned for more info.

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