New Game Mode: Fog of Wards

Riot has recently announced the Rotating Game Mode Queue, a queue which changes every weekend. The queue will include games like Ultra Rapid Fire, Legend of the Poro King, and Ascension (You can click here to read my other article about it). But Riot plans to do more than just add previous game modes into this queue. Brand new games will be introduced to this queue, and just today they have announced their first one: Fog of Wards

In Fog of Wards there is initially no fog of war; everything on the map is visible to you right from the start, including the enemy team. You must find new strategies to win the game while knowing that the enemy team is watching your every move. Since this eliminates the use for the wards you know and love, they have been redesigned in this game mode along with every other stealth mechanic in the game:

Vision Wards: Vision wards now blind all enemies in the area until they can manage to find and destroy them.

Stealth Wards: You can now place up to ten stealth wards at one time, creating fog of war in an area which the enemy team cannot see.

Sight Abilities: Sight abilities such as Ashe’s ‘E’ and Quinn’s ‘W’ now grant fog of war for the enemy team.

Teemo: Teemo’s passive allows him to walk around the map stealthed. When he stands still however, he is revealed to the enemy team. His mushrooms (along with Shaco’s boxes) are visible to enemies, so use them wisely!

Evelynn: Is no longer passively stealthed. Instead, she is only stealthed while in combat.


Baron and dragon buffs have also been repurposed. Upon killing Baron or your 5th dragon, the enemy team’s fog of war is turned back on and their wards now again give them vision. This will greatly give your team the upper hand, as you can now sneak around the map assassinating enemies who don’t see you coming.

New items are available in the store during this queue! Be sure to pick up these essential Fog of Wards items:

Fog Stone: Holds up to 10 wards at a time (The maximum amount you are able to have on the map at once)

Cloak of the Mirage: For just 2000 gold, the cloak of mirage allows you to activate every 2 minutes to create 5 decoys of yourself all standing alongside you. During this time, your opponent has no idea which is really you! – Just don’t move.


With the announcement of this brand new game mode, the Rotating Queue cannot be far from release. Fog of Wards looks like it will be a very strategic game and will be a favourite among many players. Who knows, maybe it will eventually get its very own queue and take over the pro scene.

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