Of Brackets, and Mistakes

When we started SKL, we knew that we would have players and teams who had time constraints. As such, we stipulated among ourselves that we would be understanding of this to some extent. During the course of qualifiers, we became more and more lenient on changes to game times. After the fourth change to week two’s brackets, we realized that our lenient policy was affecting the competitive integrity of the league. This is the last thing we want to do. Our seeds and brackets were carefully thought out weeks in advance. By changing them around, we not only confused the players and the fans, but we also affected the competition.

To that end, all brackets have been reset to the original formula. This means that ANY changes that may have occurred have been reverted.

The flip side to this is that we still want to have room for leniency. We understand that since we didn’t have the schedule defined ahead of time, it is hard to commit to games. As such, we want to be able to reschedule games if needed. So, instead of moving around brackets, we have now rescheduled the games within those brackets. Going forward there will be no adjustment to brackets, round robins, or any other games.

That all being said, as of 14:00 SKT, August 27th, 2015, the brackets are now LIVE and FINAL. The only thing that has changed from the original formula has been some rescheduling of games. Please double check BRACKETS and select Week 2 for your complete schedule.

Thank you for your understanding.


(Matthew Rousseaux)



  1. M0 Money says:

    Thanks for doing this, Keep up the good work with the rest of the tournament.

  2. CAPTA1NCANUCK says:

    My issue with last week was our last game. We had a player on the opposing team who was gold sub for a player who was bronze. The gold player was not on their roster but was given permission to play.

    1. Kadins says:

      Which game was this for? We actually made a big point of making sure if there was a major issue, and both subs couldn’t make it, that the additional sub was of equal or less ranking.

      1. Mingki v says:

        We had same issue. “The Underdogs” had a player who was platinum sub for a player who was unranked. The Platinum player was not on the roster but spectator said they got a permission from you guys.

        1. carsonmont says:

          That roster change was approved by us prior and just didn’t get published on the website right away. Sorry for the confusion.

      2. carsonmont says:

        Found out what happened here Captain. The team you faced last only had 4 players available due to technical issues and being out of town. Because the outcome of the game couldn’t affect who would be top 2 in the pool, one of the admins opted to allow an off roster sub as opposed to a forfeit so that you guys could still play.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunate that somebody had to complain about brackets. Games should still be fun to watch though.

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