SKL partners with the 2022 Grey Cup Festival!


Path to Glory, a $50,000 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.


November 18-19th, 2022


Brandt Center located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

SKL Esports has partnered with the 2022 Grey Cup Festival to bring you Path to Glory, the largest prize pool ever for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Canada!

Path to Glory will be held on November 18th and 19th at the Brandt Center, right in the middle of the action at the Grey Cup Festival. The event will feature a $50,000 prize pool, making this one of the largest Smash tournaments in Canadian history.

This tournament is available to all players who think they have what it takes to climb the Path to Glory!

In addition to this, we will be sponsoring several regional based events. Through these events, we will find a champion from each region to attend the main event and represent their region on the Path to Glory. The first place player from each regional event will have their airfare covered to be able to attend Path to Glory, in addition to the regular prizing they would receive for the event. More details regarding these regional based events will be coming soon.

As this event is happening on Grey Cup weekend, we highly recommend pre-registration and reserving hotel accommodations as soon as possible to ensure your spot at Path to Glory. With this in mind, we have also chosen to cap the event at 256 entrants, due to accommodation limitations in the city of Regina during this weekend.

We are beyond excited to be able to bring this event to SKL’s home province of Saskatchewan, with the help of the Grey Cup Festival! Stay tuned for more info as we approach the Grey Cup Festival and Path to Glory!

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  1. Maximus says:

    Can I get more information on how the tournament is structured. Is the whole $50,000 prize only going to be up for grabs for the 256 contestants who register? Thank you!

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