Recreational League Rules

General & Game Settings:

  •         Competition Method: 5 vs. 5
  •         Maps allowed: Summoner’s Rift
  •         Mode: Tournament Draft
  •         Bans per team: 5
  •         Game Winner: The team who destroys the opposing teams nexus or forces their opponent to surrender.
  •         Champion Selection: Players may only select champions that are unlocked via any means.
  •         Restrictions: New champions will be restricted for 2 weeks following their release. At the discretion of the League Officials or Board of Referees, item or champion restrictions may be added while the season is in progress.
  •         Region: North America

To join your team’s game lobby, the team captain must click on his or her match on the Battlefy bracket page, copy and paste the code into the Custom Game > Tournament Code section of the League of Legends Client, then invite the rest of their team (or distribute the code).

Summary of Key Points

  •         Entry Fee for Team: $25
  •         Entry Fee for Free Agents: $5
  •         Format: Depending on registration numbers, either Swiss or round robin.
  •         Prizing: Bragging rights on our Discord.
  •         Registration: Registration will close September 13th, 2019 @ 11:59PM

Draft Rules:

  •         Draft Options: Picks and bans must be conducted using the same format we support in the client (Tournament Draft). A manual draft should only be used if the built-in draft mode cannot be used for any reason.
  •         Draft Order: SKL Officials will determine which team will have the choice to select their side as blue (first pick) or red (second pick), either by coin toss or based on seed. Each match will have each team play on both red side and blue side once.
  •         The League will be a swiss style tournament, with the potential to have 2 pools of teams depending on number of entrants. SKL has the right to randomly seed these pools OR manually seed these pools as we deem appropriate.

Stoppage of Play:


  •         Unintentional Disconnection: One player losing connection to the game due to problems or issues with the game client, platform, network, or PC.
  •         Game Leaving/Intentional Disconnection: One player losing connection to the game due to player’s actions (i.e. quitting the game).
  •         Server Crash: Multiple players losing connection due to an issue with a server or platform.

Stoppage of Play Procedure/Pause Rules:

  •         If a player intentionally disconnects without specifying a reason, then the game will continue as normal.
  •         If a server crash occurs, then the tournament officials or a member of the Board of Referees will decide either between (a) restarting the game or (b) awarding the game to one of the teams. As a guideline, a game victory will only be awarded in a situation where one team was on the verge of certain defeat (e.g. A nexus was about to be destroyed).
  •         Each team will be allotted 15 minutes of pause time each game. If the team hit’s their 15 minute mark, the game will continue on as normal. Granted, this may be altered by a referee’s discretion depending on extenuating circumstances. If a player pauses or unpauses a game without permission outside of their allotted pause time, or doesn’t resume the game within their allotted pause time, they’ll be subject to penalties according to the league rules.
  •         If a team pauses the game without a valid reason, the referee may penalize, or resume the game as normal.
  •         When online, players are allowed to discuss gameplay or strategy during pauses.

Game of Record:

Game of Record (GOR): A game of record (“GOR”) refers to a game where all ten players have loaded and which has progressed to a point of meaningful interaction between opposing teams. Once a game attains GOR status, the period ends in which incidental restarts may be permitted and a game will be considered as “official” from that point onward. After the establishment of GOR, game restarts will be allowed only under limited conditions (see below). Examples of conditions which establish GOR:

  •         Any attack or ability is landed on minions, jungle creeps, structures, or enemy Champions.
  •         Line-of-sight is established between players on opposing teams.
  •         Setting foot, establishing vision or targeting skillshot ability in opponent’s jungle by either team, which includes either leaving the river or entering brush connected to enemy jungle.
  •         Game timer reaches two minutes (00:02:00).

Restarts Before GOR: The following are examples of situations in which a game may be restarted if GOR has not been established.

  •         If a player notices that player’s rune, mastery, or GUI settings have not applied correctly due to a bug between the game lobby and match, player can pause the game to adjust these settings. If the settings cannot be correctly adjusted, then the game may be restarted.
  •         If an SKL official determines that technical difficulties will not allow for the game to resume as normal (including a team’s ability to be in proper position for certain game events, such as minion spawn).
  •         All players must preserve the same settings such as picks/bans, masteries, summoner spells, and skins for the restarted match, however, in the case of a critical champion bug, all players will be allowed to select new settings.

Restarts After GOR: The following are examples of situations in which a game may be restarted after GOR has been established.

  •         If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match which significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics.
  •         If an SKL official determines that there are environmental conditions which are unfair (e.g. excessive noise, hostile weather, unacceptable safety risks).
  •         All players will be allowed to select new settings such as picks/bans, masteries, summoner spells, and skins in the event of a post GOR restart.

Referee’s discretion & Restart Request:

The teams can request a restart of the game by pausing the game and stating the reason why in the in-game chat to notify the other team. The team captain of the affected team then will contact an SKL referee and notify of the situation. The referee will make the decision whether or not to continue the game or rule a restart. The team will be penalized only if they are proven to have intentionally requested for a restart with false or misleading reason(s). When restart is ruled, the team captains are responsible to ensure that all correct players’ intended game settings are in place.

Offences Resulting in Penalties:

  •         All participating players are required to be inside the game lobby by 10min prior to the start of their scheduled matches

                   o Team not in lobby by 10 min prior – loss of ban.

                   o Team not in lobby by game start – additional loss of ban

                   o Delay of game (team not ready to start at game start) – will be penalized at the discretion of the referee depending on length of delay.

                   o There may be some exceptions at the referees discretion (ex. Player having technical difficulty requiring a re-log).

  •         The following actions will be considered unfair play:

                   o The use of any external programs that interact with the league client.

                   o An intentional disconnection.

                   o The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings (ex. Using scripts).

                   o Intentionally allowing an opponent to win a match.

                   o Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or league official (at any time).

                   o The use of a game bug that is determined by the board of referees as being unfair.

                   o Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player or team, at the discretion of the League Officials and Board of Referees, may receive a warning, suspension, a forfeit loss, or disqualification from the league with no refund.

                   o During the course of the event, the board of referees may determine other actions to embody unfair play.

                   o Account sharing is not permitted.

Final provisions:

  •         It is at the discretion of the League Officials and Board of Referees to modify any of the rules to ensure fair play between teams in a league. The rules could potentially be amended in the following cases:
  •         A different patch/version release is used and modifications to the rules are necessary to ensure fair play.
  •         Players are suspected or proven to be engaging in unfair play or collusion to fix a match.
  •         Changes to game settings and/or operations guidelines are necessary due to differences between online and offline modes.
  •         There are substantial delays to a game that would prevent it from concluding in a timely fashion as required by a live venue.
  •         Given certain extraordinary circumstances not covered specifically in these rules, the League Officials and Board of Referees reserve the right to penalize teams and players based on the information and details presented to them. Penalties resulting from these extraordinary circumstances can include, but are not limited to those defined within these rules and will be determined on a case by case basis by the League Officials and Board of Referees.

Roster Rules:

  •         Roster Size: A roster size of 5 is required. League organizers may adjust the maximum roster size if a request is submitted and the board of referees and tournament organizers deem it admissible. If you need a free agent, please notify someone from the free agent pool.
  •         Declaration of Player Substitutions: If a team wants to use a substitute player/free agent, the team must notify the opposing team captain prior to 10 min before match start.
  •         Competitive division teams may only use a maximum of 2 free agents at a time. They must have at least 3 main roster players present for all of their matches.
  •         Relaxed division teams may only use a maximum of 3 free agents at a time. They must have at least 2 main roster players present for all of their matches.
  •         Each team is required to have a team captain. The team captain will have the responsibility to contact league officials and referees outside of game with any information regarding the league. The team captain will also be required to communicate with other team captains when the situation arises.
  •         Players may only register with a single account. Alternative accounts are not permitted.
  •         Free agent players may substitute for both the competitive and relaxed divisions.
  •         Summoner names that contain profanity are not permitted.
  •         Roster changes will be permitted throughout the season at the discretion of league officials. All roster change requests must be submitted to officials via email to be approved.
  •         All summoner name changes must be reported to an SKL referee before changing. Failure to do so could result in removal from the league if the board of referees cannot verify that the name change occurred.

Reporting unsportsmanlike conduct:

Since this league will mostly be self governed, if you find another player/team to be acting against the rules listed herein, please report this individual to a league official along with evidence of your claims. You can reach our officials at any time, either by email or on our Discord. The board of referee’s will review and act on these claims on a case by case basis.

Registration Fees:

  •         A $25 registration fee per team for the relaxed division
  •         A $5 fee for a free agent
  •         The registration fee must be paid before the stated deadline to pay, or you will not be allowed to participate.
  •         Registration fees are not refundable after qualifiers start, with the exception of free agent registrants will be guaranteed to play in 2 or more games. If a free agent doesn’t get the opportunity to play in at least 2 games they will be eligible for a refund upon request at the end of the season.

This tournament is open to players of any rank.

Unsportsmanlike or toxic behavior and other violations of the Terms of Service will not be tolerated.

Teams will report/verify their game scores on battlefy upon completion of a series.

Competitive division matches will be chosen to be streamed live on the SKL Esports Twitch channel at least once per week.

Games are not to be recorded or streamed by anyone other than SKL, unless you have received prior approval from an SKL Official.

Lastly, the most important rule for the recreational league:


If you have any questions, feel free to email us or ask on our Discord.

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