Registration for the SKL LoL Rec League (Fall 2019) is now open!

Hello all! As we approach the end of what we hope was a great summer for everyone, SKL Esports is excited to once again open registration for what will be our second recreational League of Legends league of 2019 – SKL LoL Rec League – Fall 2019

This recreational league is focused on a fun and entertaining experience above all else, while also helping to develop new friendships and teams! We want everyone who loves League of Legends to be able to play in this league, regardless of skill level.


Don’t have a team? Have a few friends but not enough for a full team? No problem! We are allowing for free-agent registration and a free-agent pool. This will allow teams to pick up solo registered players to fill in their gaps, or grab a sub or two for a game if needed. This range of flexibility wouldn’t work in a wholly competitive environment when team segregation is important. Thankfully with a more relaxed atmosphere we can accommodate a much wider range of people.
As a solo player, if you don’t end up playing at least two games during the season, we will refund your registration.
So why not register? Teams are $25 ($5 a person) and solo players are $5 a person.

Register at the bottom of this page!
Registration closes: September 13th @ 11:59 PM MST


Depending on numbers, we are running either a round robin or swiss format tournament for the recreation league. If we have enough teams to use a swiss style, it uses a form of matchmaking and ranking in order to match teams with other teams of equal skill. Because of this, your first match or two might not be the closest, but we’ll do our best to avoid that. By the end, everyone will hopefully be able to play challenging, even matches.

Matches will use Battlefy’s auto stat tracking and match completion system to ensure fair reporting, as well as tournament codes to make it easy for everyone to get into the game with the correct settings. SKL officials will schedule each match to be played within a 24 hour period.

You can learn more about the format and rules on our recreational rules page.


SKL admins will be scheduling games for teams based on the availability given in the registration form. We ask that teams give at least 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day per week that generally work, so that we can schedule matches for teams to be broadcast on our stream ( We will be streaming at least one match per week, and we will try to have every team on stream at least once! Regular season will run for 6-7 weeks and playoffs will be near the end of November, depending on teams availability.



$25 per team ($5 a person)

$5 per free agent

Open: Now! Register here!

Closes: Friday, September 13th @ 11:59:59PM MST

Prize Breakdown

There are no monetary prizes in our rec leagues.

You will, however, have bragging rights in our Discord.


The league will begin on September 16th, 2019 and will continue for approximately 6-7 weeks. Playoffs are tentatively scheduled for end of November, depending on the teams availability.

Teams can expect to play 1 or 2 matches a week. Matches are usually played during the evening.


Depending on registration numbers, either round robin or swiss style.


The rules can be found here. They can also be found under Esports > League of Legends >Recreational League Rules


Online. Join our Discord community to meet your fellow players!

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