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The Rise and Fall of Fun with Champion Mastery

League of Legends has received a plethora of updates and new features so far in Season 6. Some of the most exciting of those changes include the Marksman Updates, Keystone Masteries, the new Champion Select, and most recently, Clubs and Hextech Crafting. But as of just a couple of weeks, the addition of Champion Mastery in all game modes became the most intriguing. Champion Masteries have been a huge deal for me ever since their release almost a year ago now. This was a feature I longed for ever since starting the game in Season 2. Later featured in other newer MOBAs such as Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm and Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite, I knew this feature was to come eventually.

Unfortunately, Champion Mastery was only available in Summoner’s Rift. So in pursuit of that sense of progression I seek in the games I play, that became the only thing I was interested in. Game modes I had previously enjoyed playing with my friends – ARAM with one friend and Twisted Treeline with another two – were not so fun to me anymore. Without the progression I now began to know from Champion Masteries, I felt little reward for winning in any other type of game. Had Champion Masteries, a feature I had waited so anxiously for actually ruined the true meaning of the game for me? The only thing I could do now was wait patiently for the announcement that was soon to come.

10 months since the release of Champion Mastery, that long awaited announcement finally came… And with even more exciting news than expected! Not only will I now be able to earn champion mastery in ARAM and Twisted Treeline, but also in game modes like One For All, Legend of the Poro King, and even the most popular among them, Ultra Rapid Fire; what’s more, these game modes will now be on a regular rotating schedule called the Rotating Game Mode Queue.  This queue will fully support Hextech crafting, allowing us to earn chests and keys depending on our mastery score.

The Rotating Game Mode Queue will be available for players on weekends and will change each week, adding something fresh to the game for those bored with doing the same thing. With this new queue Mastery levels 6 and 7 are sure to follow, so save up your champion shards! Collecting the shard of a champion through the new Hextech Crafting system allows you to unlock one additional mastery level for each shard.

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Champion Mastery has added a whole new way of progression in League of Legends. It has its flaws at the moment, but Riot is working hard to change and improve all of them so that everyone can enjoy the game as intended. These are just a few of the changes coming in the next month, but I can already see the game improving and even reaching new levels of fun it has not been able to reach previously.

These are just my opinions on the coming changes to League. What are yours? What are you looking forward to? What are you dreading? Let us know!

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