These Updates are Truly, Truly Outrageous

With patch 6.7 going live just a couple of days ago, we are already seeing a fair amount of content pop up onto the PBE: most notable of these changes being the Taric update, Global Splash updates, and the Rotating Game Mode testing. If you don’t yet know about some or all of these updates, fear not! I will be summarizing all of these updates while also offering an opinion to all that will hear.


Let’s start with the Taric update:

First of all: FINALLY. This long needed update has finally been announced and has at last hit the PBE for testing. The new Taric, yet still fabulous, is much different. He has received a full new model and move set update that requires actual thinking and has a few more useful support abilities than before. Now focused around linking yourself to a target ally, Taric’s heal, stun, and ultimate’s area of effect depend on where you and your linked ally are standing. Your stun (which is now a delayed skill shot) now fires out of both Taric and his ally for increased chance to hit.

My only gripe with Taric is that he can be a bit overwhelming until you get used to all of your spells, and mechanics. Taric’s ultimate causes him and everyone around him and his linked ally to be invulnerable for 2.5 seconds, but has a delay of 2.5 seconds. This can be troublesome in fast paced fights in which your 2.5 seconds just won’t be fast enough. The timing of this will take some time to become accustomed to.

Overall, Taric’s update is great. Going from a boring and ugly, minimum mechanic support, to an engaging and much more useful one with a brand new quality character model is quite refreshing.




Global Splash Art Updates:

Before I get too far into this one, I should probably mention that Riot is consistently changing and revising global splash arts depending on community backlash. There are several reasons for Riot’s decision to change (but not necessarily create new) splash art for a big chunk of the game’s skins. First of all: the game’s original art is becoming dated. Tweaking the art in hopes to make it appear more modern is one thing Riot has begun doing for skins like Goth Annie and Cottontail Teemo (pictured above). They are also beginning to “unify the global experience”, which means that some of the splashes will be switching to the Chinese version, as well as some of the Chinese versions switching to the NA versions. It is also worth mentioning that “this is not a replacement for full-scale splash updates down the road, just a short term solution to solve a specific problem.”

In this feat to unify the world with the same art, Riot has hit some restrictions and have thus removed tobacco and alcohol from Gentleman Cho’Gath’s splash art, and are in the process of removing the blood effects from Crimson and Stinger Akali. So to all of you still waiting for the return of Graves’ cigar, looks like you’re out of luck!

It is great that Riot is updating their art while we wait for the full-scale updates, but was the Goth Annie update really needed? If you actually look, all Riot actually did was paste a new face on the existing art. What was wrong with her old face? It just feels a little forced.




Rotating Game Mode Queue Testing:

Hold on to your hats; yet another highly anticipated update is coming today! The Rotating Game Mode Queue is kicking off today starting a 4pm server time. The first game mode? Ascension.

Briefly introduced and taken away from us when Azir and Guardian of the Sands Kha’zix were released, Ascension takes you to a sand covered Crystal Scar (The Dominion map) where you must capture objectives and defeat Xerath to claim the Ascension buff. The game is won through capturing enough objectives before the enemy team.

You may play Ascension this weekend, and will have access to it until Monday. You may also earn mastery points for your champions in every rotating game mode, so be sure to have a few games before it rotates out!

It’s just too bad Riot has not yet added champion mastery in ARAM and Twisted Treeline. We can only hope this will come soon!


Are there any other updates you are looking forward to? What do you feel about the new Taric? The new Global Splash Art updates? Be sure to tell us either in the comments or on our Facebook, where we currently have a giveaway running! Make sure to enter for a chance to win a copy of Overwatch!

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